Head down a rabbit-hole of our musings on everything pizza.

pizza dough

Our Pizza Dough

We take our dough very seriously here at Knead. Years of R&D in search of that perfect Neapolitan pizza base. All great dough starts with great flour and we couldn’t be more proud of our partnership with Wildfarmed. Find out more.

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Our Suppliers

We try to source our produce as locally, ethically and sustainably as possible. Luckily, we’re spoiled for choice with amazing suppliers doing the right thing, many right on our doorstep. Check them out.

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ooni pizza oven

A Guide To The Best Pizza Ovens

For us it’s a straight shootout between the Roccbox and the Ooni Karu 12G. We’re into Nike v Adidas territory here as you’ll smash out some stunning pizzas to wow you family and friends with either.

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